On Air Tonight

News Control

Time to come home! Enjoy News Control from Monday to Saturday starting at 5pm featuring news, weather, business, and entertainment right where you are. This is everything you need for a fine time — including long sets of perfect beats.

The Prime

We want you to leave everday troubles well behind. Tune in weekdays at 7pm and discover The Prime as our way to get nonsense and nuisance out of your mind. A musical journey with carefully selected chill-out tunes perfectly made to relax and unwind after a strenuous day.

In Your House

In Your House is a special invitation to romantik pop tunes on Sunday evenings at 7pm. This is your cozy night in tucked away from the burdens of the new week.

In the meantime, The Prime and In Your House offer essential weather updates that keep you well informed as we refrain from bothering you with any other distractions.

Come home to MAGICBLUE Radio, your music companion is already waiting. Whether in the comfort of your private dance floor or cuddled up by candlelight we are the soundtrack for a fine evening.